Centre for Conflict and Participation Studies


Partecipazione politica

Innovazione democratica


Partiti e movimenti

Critical Media Studies

Fields of interest

Political Participation

  • Youths political participation
  • Political parties and civic engagement
  • Social media and political activism
  • Active citizenship
  • Political parties and crisis of representation
  • Gender and participation

Open Government

  • Observatory on open government across Europe
  • Participatory platform and digital democracy
  • European policies on e-Government
  • Media and public communication
  • Commons governance

Democratic Innovations

  • Minipublics and deliberative democracy
  • Participatory democracy and the quality of democracy
  • Institutional design and collaborative governance
  • Urban governance
  • Communication and democratic innovations
  • Common goods


  • Populisms and populist political parties in Europe
  • Populisms in Latin America
  • Political communication and populisms
  • Technopopulism

Social Movements

  • Depoliticization and new forms of political aggregations
  • Global Justice and “rebel by doing” movements
  • Participatory democracy and social movements
  • Participatory governance

Conflict Studies

  • Global politics
  • Social conflicts in transitional democracy
  • Social mobility and neo-liberal economy

Media and Democracy

  • Social media and the public sphere
  • Social movements and democratic communication
  • e-Voting, i-Voting and digital democracy
  • Communication and participation